When Creating or Remixing a Board, you can add a Background as your base color of your mood. Then, along with Products and Inspiration, you can also add Paint.

Think of Paint as paint chips. Use paint to add colors in your color scheme to your board.

NOTE: All the colors available for your Background are available as Paint chips.

Let's dive into how to incorporate Paint into your boards.

When you're editing your Board, you can find Paint to add in our Library. You can find Paint by:

  1. Searching for Paint

    1. Search by Name (Distant Grey) or Color Code (OC-68)

  2. Browsing Palettes

    1. Click on "Browse Palettes", select a color category, and scroll through the color palettes in that category (they are listed from Light to Dark).

  3. Scrolling through Promoted Paints in the side bar

NOTE: We currently carry paint chips for Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin Williams

When you find a color or two (or five) for your Paint chips, click on them to place them in your board.

From there, you can make a few adjustments in the bottom bar:

  • Duplicate:

    • Make a copy of the Paint chip

  • Up Layer:

    • Move the Paint chip up a layer, in front of other objects in your Board

  • Down Layer:

    • Move the Paint chip down a layer, behind other objects in your Board

  • Shapeshift:

    • Paint chips come in the shape of a Sqaure, Circle, and Triangle

  • Remove:

    • Remove the Paint chip

  • Resize:

    • You won’t need the bottom bar here - resize your Paint chip by clicking and dragging at the shape's corners

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